Usher Cargo Pty Ltd

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What is Usher?

Usher is a on-demand and later delivery App beta launching for iPhones (iOS) in Sydney, Australia (Dec 2016).

We provide live tracking, communication with the driver and many other features to make your delivery as smooth as possible.

What types of deliveries do you offer in the BETA Trial?

We are using trucks with 2 men. This means we can cater for a wide variety of items.

We are targeting larger items that are more difficult for people to move such as furniture or appliances.

If you are interested in being part of our Beta Program, please reach out to us.

Cancellations & Delivery Issues

You can cancel an on-demand or later job at any time. Though you may be liable for the full amount of the delivery if the job is already in progress, especially in the case of an on-demand request.

If there are any issues during the delivery process please reach out to the Usher Customer Experience team. They will be able to sort out your problem in a flash.

Need something else?

Could not find the answer to your question? Feel free and contact our support.

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