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Usher is an App that lets user’s book drivers (just like you) to collect and deliver their items. Our unique marketplace connects buyers and sellers for moving services.

So whether you’re an established courier or moving company, or new to the industry, let Usher provide you more jobs when you need them. We handle all the payments and you get 80% of whatever the delivery fee is.
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Owning a truck or cargo van is not a requirement to apply.

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Who Qualifies To be an ‘Usher’

Current Smartphone

You should be confident and familiar using your iOS smartphone.

18+ years of age

If you want to work with Usher, we need you to be at least 18 years old.

Capable Physically

As you’d expect, Usher needs you to be fit and physically able to carry out deliveries.

Communication Skills

You like interacting with people and you have good communication skills.

Don’t think Deliver, think Usher

Household Items

In Store Purchases

Classifieds Pickups

Parcels and boxes

Moving Office

Moving Home